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Ali Baba House of Kabob sells hookah, tobacco, and provides a padio for hookah use.

hookah on bar

What is a Hookah Bar?

Ali Baba House of Kabob is both a restaurant, as well as an Orlando, FL hookah bar. Hookah is a pipe used to smoke flavored tobacco (shisha). The tobacco is smoked, cooled, and filtered through a water pipe called a hookah. Originally from India, then spreading throughout the Middle East, hookah has risen in popularity in North America and Europe significantly over the last decade.

In Lebanon and other Mid-eastern Cultures the Hookah is common at social gatherings.  Hookah is one of the oldest and most deep-rooted traditions in Turkey.  Both men and women find great pleasure in smoking the water-pipe. The Hookah started a whole new culture that endured for centuries. Even today the Hookah often gives enjoyment to a special breed of smokers. The original Hookah came from India, but it was rather primitive as it was made from a coconut shell. Its popularity spread to Iran, and from there it spread to the rest of the Arab world.

At Ali Baba House of Kabob, our staff prepares only authentic Hookahs with traditional flavored tobacco.  There's nothing as refreshing as a good Hookah and a cup of Arabic coffee after a meal.


 What is Hookah called in different languages?

    English: Hookah
    Spanish: narguile or pipe turca
    French: Narguilé
    Farsi: Ghelyoon (Ghelyaan)
    Arabic: Shisha or Argile

Can I buy everything I need from Ali Baba House of Kabob?

Yes, we have a very large assortment of hookahs for sale, and we also have tabacco available for purchase.

What are key features to look for in a quality hookah?

We sell many types of quality hookahs.

If you are looking to buy a hookah, keep the following tips in mind. Single hose hookahs smoke, arguably, better than a multiple hose hookahs.   Medium size hookahs often smoke much better than very small or very large hookahs.

A washable hose is easier to maintain than a traditional hookah. Thick glass and a sturdy shape are very important for the vase. Look for clean welds and avoid screw together parts. Avoid any hookah that uses plastic.

We have a large selection of hookah, and we are very knowledgeable in our products, so don't be afraid to ask any questions you have. We can tell you how best to clean and store your products, and show you how to operate it.

Can I smoke my hookah at Ali Baba House of Kabob?

Yes, you can smoke your hookah at Ali Baba House of Kabob. We do not allow indoor smoking unless it is a private party, but we have an outdoor patio that can be used at any time to smoke on.