Alibaba Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: How big is the restaurant? How big are your private rooms?

  • The entire restaurant will fit 125 people
  • Private room 1 will fit roughly 20 people
  • Private room 2 will fit up to 10 people

(The restaurant and the rooms, until further notice, will operate at 50% capacity)

Q: What is Alibaba known for?

  • Excellent fire roasted kabobs made on an authentic Persian grill.
  • A great variety of healthy options that include vegetarian entrees and halal meats.
  • An exotic cuisine with bold flavors enhanced by Middle Eastern spices.
  • Excellent wines to pair with our authentic Persian and Labonese food.
  • Amazing catered parties at an excellent value. 

 Q: I'm having a birthday party for my friend? Is Ali Baba a good place to have a party?

 We care about you having a great time! We can help!

Ali Baba is a great place to celebrate a birthday or plan a special event. or make arrangements for any special needs. If you'd like to plan an intimate gathering, we're happy to come to your house or throw it at our restaurant with our authentic persian grills, DJ, servers, and any other needs you may have.

Q: Do you have FREE Wifi and a projector available in case I want to do a meeting at Alibaba?

Yes, we always provide free Wifi access to our customers. If you do schedule an event with us, we will make sure a screen and projecter are made available to you. Please let us know in advance when scheduling your event.

vegatarian plateQ: Does Alibaba have gluten free, vegetarian, and vegan options?

Yes! We have a large selection of healthy options available on our menu and on our buffet. Please ask your server to point them out, or call us with your specific needs so we can explain all of the great options we have. We pride ourselves on a having an excellent range of options for all types of people.





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