Alibaba Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: How big is the restaurant? How big are your private rooms?

  • The entire restaurant will fit 125 people
  • Private room 1 will fit roughly 20 people
  • Private room 2 will fit up to 10 people

Q: What is Alibaba known for?

  • Excellent fire roasted kabobs made on an authentic Persian grill.
  • A great variety of healthy options that include vegetarian entrees and halal meats.
  • An exotic cuisine with bold flavors enhanced by Middle Eastern spices.
  • Excellent wines to pair with our authentic Persian and Labonese food.
  • A full-featured high quality buffet all week long, with garuanteed fresh buffet items!
  • A fun atmosphere with parties every Friday & Saturday night.
  • Amazing catered parties at an excellent value. Nothing is too big or small.

Q: Are the Friday & Saturday events with the belly dancing, buffet, and live DJ family friendly?

Yes! Ali Baba: House of Kabob is always fun for the whole family. Kids and adults will enjoy the all-you-can-eat buffet dinner, live fun, dancing, and the overall atmosphere of this Persian party. You'll feel like you're in Marrakech, or many other great cities within the Middle East and  parts of the Mediterranean. What you won't see is anything inappropriate.

Not only is our Friday & Saturday entertainment and buffet for $19.95 a great value, but we garuantee you'll have a great time.

Q: I'm having a birthday party for my friend? Is Ali Baba a good place to have a party?

No party is too big or too small, and we care about you having a great time! We can schedule your party at any time, or you're welcome to celebrate on our Friday & Saturday live events when we already have things going on.

Ali Baba is a great place to celebrate a birthday or plan a special event. If you let us know that you're celebrating someone's birthday in advance on a Friday or Saturday night, we can arrange our DJ and our dancers to acknowledge them and dance with them. We can arrange desert other entertainment , or make arrangements for any special needs. If you'd like to plan a party, we're happy to come to your houseor throw it at our restaurant with our authentic persian grills, dancers, DJ, servers, and any other needs you may have.

Q: I'd like to show my appreciation of the dancer by tipping her. How should I do that?

Tipping a dancer is customary and is a fun, interactive experience. The dancers can accept tips on their costumes or bodies but we also have a tipping pot or basket for after their show is finished.
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Q: What is a Hookah Bar?

Hookah bars, also known as hookah lounges and shisha bars, are businesses where flavored tobacco (shisha) is smoked, cooled, and filtered through a water pipe called a hookah. Originally from India, then spreading throughout the Middle East, hookah has risen in popularity in North America and Europe significantly over the last decade.

Alibaba staff will be available to help you through the whole process, so don't feel intimidated. We're here to help you!

Q: Is Alibaba a full-featured hookah bar?

Yes! Alibaba offers a full assortment of quality hookah equipment. We have a large variety of smoking options available to you, and our staff is available to help you from start to finish.

Q: Do you have FREE Wifi and a projector available in case I want to do a meeting at Alibaba?

Yes, we always provide free Wifi access to our customers. If you do schedule an event with us, we will make sure a screen and projecter are made available to you. Please let us know in advance when scheduling your event.

vegatarian plateQ: Does Alibaba have gluten free, vegetarian, and vegan options?

Yes! We have a large selection of healthy options available on our menu and on our buffet. Please ask your server to point them out, or call us with your specific needs so we can explain all of the great options we have. We pride ourselves on a having an excellent range of options for all types of people.

Q - Can you tell me more about belly dancing?

We have a variety of dancers, and we can schedule them for a special event if you plan a party with us.

There is the belief that belly danceing is ancient; done in a time long ago when women would perform a dance to instruct pregnant women on how to strengthen and roll their abdominal muscles in preparation for childbirth.

Throughout history, the dance was performed by women for women; a tradition that continues in Saudi Arabia and other conservative Muslim countries. However, there was a period in the old days when the dance became a performance (entertainment) and was then performed in the presence of men and women.

Belly Dance is a beautiful, artistic art form that should be respected as such. Tipping is encouraged to show your appreciation of the dancer but it is not required. Traditionally, a dancer is showered with dollars but in the U.S., placing a tip in a tipping pot is also accepted.




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